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Problem We’re Solving

The industry standard for RESTful architecture has naturally relied on the Request/Response cycle for years. This is has proved reliable over time but inefficient. The standardized RESTful routes create a situation in which data is ALWAYS over fetched.

Enter GraphQL. A new way to specify EXACTLY what you want to receive back from the database. GraphQL is a database agnostic query language for querying your API. Meaning it can be used with relational or noSQL DB’s, no problem! GraphQL requests do away with all the CRUD routes and leave you with one clean endpoint.

If you haven’t heard about docker already, it’s only a matter of time. Docker and Kubernetes are the modern day container systems for storing and managing your own data, or more importantly a team or companies data. But first how did we arrive at Docker?


In the beginning…

Back in the day large corporations would buy up and store all their data on good old fashion servers. While necessary these servers were inefficient. For starters, each operating system needed its own network, each application would normally get assigned its own server network to compensate for growth, then they would get…

What is Typescript, and why do we bother with it? If you’ve already looked into Typescript you’re probably tired of hearing that it is a superset of javascript. Broadly speaking it is javascript but with bonus features that we get from the typescript scaffolding we lay over our application.

Typescript Pros…

Interfaces- makes code predictable because we define what type of data our component or function will be working with. Javascript like many other languages has a few different types of data. However it differs from many other languages in that it doesn’t get picky about declaring those types. If you’re familiar…

What is Lodash?

Let’s talk about one of the most popular and heavily downloaded npm packages. Lodash is a JavaScript library that provides built in functions for common programming tasks by using a functional programming paradigm; it builds upon the older underscore.js library. The Lodash built-in utility functions make coding in JavaScript easier and cleaner. Instead of writing common repetitive functions, the task can be accomplished with a single line of code after importing the package.

What is Edge Computing?

Gartner defines edge computing as “a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge — where things and people produce or consume that information.”

Let’s just dive a little deeper into what it means to be close to “the edge”. For a while the server/ client relationship looked something like this.

Server to Client relationship

Your computer is connected to a network that sends info to a server. Simple enough. And it worked okay for a while. However, with processors becoming cheaper and cheaper, the Internet of Things exponentially erupted. As a result the volume of…

As individuals and as collective teams or organizations, we are all looking for speed and efficiency when launching a new big feature, or brand new application. Time is money and we seem to be encouraged to launch as speedily as possible.

This mentality seems to force many people to power through the development stage of building early. However as many devs know, there are always unforeseen roadblocks and often changes in the architecture need to be made.

We cannot predict every roadblock we will encounter along the way, and often times over planning is a waste of time as well…

A Quick and to the Point, Real World Example of how Regex Comes in Handy.

Once again, the sandman lost my address last week so I found myself starting to experiment with a new late night project. On the menu this time was a React Native app that translates Pig Latin. I called it…

Porker Logo

link to the finished Porker App at the bottom of this article if you want to to test the functionality of the app yourself! Or scan the barcode with your phone camera.

Why Regex

After doing some research on how I was going to efficiently check the user…

So last Thursday night I couldn’t sleep, and after a few minutes of losing a starring contest with the wall I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try deploying an app on Github Pages. (true story)

Let me preface by saying it’ll prob take me longer to type this article up than it did to deploy my app. BOLD statement I know! Quote me on it I’m ready.

Creating the App Step 1

I’m going to make few assumptions here. One, that you have a github account and two, that you know how to set up a repo. Full disclosure this is a React…

Things you wish you knew before entering the Dev Workforce. As told by Up and Coming Software Engineers.

When you’re working towards a goal, you get tunnel vision for the finish line. You have your eyes set on the prize. You may be mastering a language, learning a new framework, finishing a project. The work can be engulfing and you may not come up for air until the task is done. Understandable. However, on occasion the journey becomes so great in the moment we forget to think about what comes next. …

DOM Traversing and Manipulation


“Traversing the DOM” is basically the ability to navigate through different objects to get anywhere you need. Based on selection, we can easily move up (ancestors), down (descendants) and sideways (siblings) in the tree, starting from the selected (current) element. You’re already one step closer to navigating the DOM tree!

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